Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recap of the Cup of the Nations

Recap from March 17th...

Today our soccer team played in the "Nations Cup" soccer tournament at the School of the Nations. This was a high level tournament with many schools and soccer clubs. First we played against School of the Nations and second we played against Clube Atlético Paranaense. Both good games, but we lost both and did not qualify for the next round. So BIS will not play any games on Sunday.  The fans will have to wait until our next game (and we will have more games this season).

   I would like to thank the parents, teachers and students that came to support and cheer us on. The guys in the team were happy to see all of you and we appreciate you coming to watch us play! Next I want to thank the players for their outstanding effort. Our team played with a lot of heart and great intensity. Our players showed character by playing with passion at all times, regardless of the score or the opponent.  We also improved a great deal from the first game to the second game. I wish we had one more game or at least a few more minutes… every player really stepped up and we were playing some solid soccer towards the end. This team did a great job representing our school and I am very proud of them.

  Last I want to thank our God for the safety of our players (we had no major injuries, but our opponents were a LOT bigger than we were, and they played tough). Also thank you God for this opportunity for our team to come together, compete, grow,  and give our best effort in honor of You.

                Our goal today was to play for an Audience of One  - to honor God by doing our best with the abilities and talents he has given us. We certainly did so. We've achieved our goal. This is a praise and a win for our soccer program.

Thanks again guys for representing our school and for everything you did today. It was awesome!

Coach Batista.