Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BIS clubs start next week, (February 5th)

Link to Registration form. Print this and bring it to the BIS office to sign up.!332&authkey=!AIcAb43Nax7yXq4  

Brasília International School – W5, 914 Sul  – (click on Extracurricular, then on Clubs). 61-3346-1200 –
Para mais informações e detalhes em português ou inglês visite nosso site.
                                                Brasilia International School
February - March
2013 Club Registration Form
Student's Name: __________                        _   Grade:____ Contact Phone Number:                                          .
Please check the after school club you would like your child to participate in. Clubs will meet from 3:30 pm until 4:30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting on February 5th  and ending on March 21st   Students must be picked up from BIS promptly at 4:30pm. Each club will meet a total of 6 weeks. Please send the appropriate amount with the signed form by Monday, February 4th . (NO CHECKS PLEASE). Space is limited in each club so please turn in your registration form as soon as possible to reserve your child's spot.
Club descriptions on the next page
Wednesday clubs (3:30pm – 4:30pm)
_____ Art Club. (Preschool 4 – 2nd grade)- R$75
_____ Basketball Club  (3rd  – 8th  grade)- R$75 
_____ Video-game and Hang Out Club. (Preschool 4 – 12th grade)- R$25 (BIS students only)
_____ Painting Club (3rd  – 6th  grade)- R$100
_____  "BIS is a Christian School... What Are They Teaching My Kid?" club.  (adults) - free.  
Tuesday / Thursday clubs (3:30pm – 4:30pm)
_____ Capoeira Club. (Preschool 4 – 12th grade, Tuesday and/or Thursday)- R$75 / R$90 **
_____ Painting Club  (7th – 12th & adults, meet on Thursdays only)- R$100
Total Cost ______________________________
Amount  enclosed:___________________
I hereby give my child permission to participate in the above club.
Signature: ________________________________________   Date: _______________________

** Note: This club will meet twice a week (students may come only once a week if needed), and it will go on for seven weeks (instead of 6 weeks, like the others). It will also be offered next session for the students that would like to continue to practice capoeira throughout the semester.
Is transportation a problem?
If your child would like to do a club but transportation is a problem, consider one of the following bus companies to pick-up your child at 4:30pm: Kmon Transportes- 3244-3003, Trans Rico - 3226-0437 or 9995-4393, Transcassimiro – 3244-0787, Ricardo Melia de Castro Batista -  9148-5143
** Also consider the "Hang Out Club" if you have multiple kids. One child could do a club, while the other stays in the "Hang Out Club" with Mr. Knutson J. Remember that students participating in clubs must be picked up at 4:30pm.

Brasilia International School – Club's description

*** Remember that kids not enrolled at BIS are also welcome to participate in our clubs! Bring a friend! Spread the news! All are welcome! Space is limited in each club so please turn in your registration form as soon as possible to reserve your child's spot.
2013 Clubs – February 6th to March 20th (6 sessions).
"Video-game & Hang Out Club" This club is open to students in pre-school 4  to 12th grade and it will be led by Mr. Knutson. This club is designed to help families who have children doing multiple activities at BIS. In this club students will have a chance to play video-games on a BIG screen (wii, x-box, etc), play cards, do their homework (by themselves without teacher assistance), or simply hang out while their siblings are doing a different club. This way all children can go home at the same time in one vehicle. Students in this club are encouraged to bring a snack in case they get hungry. This club is available to BIS students only.  Cost R$10.
Capoeira Club (Tuesday and Thursday) -  This club is open to students in Kindergarten to 8th grade and it will be lead by Capoeira instructor, Aladin,  assisted by Coach Batista.  Capoeira is a Brazilian dance/ martial art developed by the African slaves who helped colonize Brazil in the 1500's. Students will learn the fundamental steps (jinga) of capoeira, along with different songs and moves that make up the capoeira experience. This will be an amazing club and a great Brazilian cultural experience! This club will be offered all year long. Cost: R$75 for once a week, R$90 for twice a week.
Art ClubThis club is open to students in Preschool 4 to 2nd grade and it will be lead by Mrs. Priscila. This club will be open to 8 students. They will practice their fine motor skills while working with different types of art materials and learning about different artists. Cost R$75.
Basketball club . This club is open to students in 3rd to 7th  grade and it will be lead by Coach Batista.  In this club we will practice the fundamentals and strategies of basketball and play some games against other schools or clubs. The younger students that participated in Ms Dukes' basketball club last semester are welcome to join this club as well.  Cost R$75.
Painting club. This club is open to students in 3rd to 6th grade (on Wednesdays) and 7th – 12th grade (on Thursdays). Parents and adults are welcome to join this club on Thursdays.  This club will be taught by artist/painter Toni, who came to BIS last semester and demonstrated his tile painting skills. In this club students will learn from Toni how to draw and paint on tiles. Paint, tiles and other material will be provided. Each student will take their completed art work home. Cost R$100.
"BIS is a Christian School... What Are They Teaching My Kid?" club.
Miss Duke will be teaming up with Mr. Axworthy to offer a free club for parents as an introduction to what is being taught in Bible class and what is a Christian Worldview.  All BIS parents and other adults are invited to attend the club.  It will be a safe, learning environment in English that is open to help you answer your questions.  There will be a question box for parents to submit any questions, and we will try to answer them during the club. Cost – free!