Sunday, December 9, 2012

Latest Archery pictures and videos

Archery link – go to this link to see the pictures and videos or our last Archery club. It keeps getting better and better. 
On a killer 3rd round Gustavo nailed the little lamb, a water bag, and the soda can (which exploded BIG time!). Andrew got the pack of cookies, Priscila popped the beach ball, and Abbie killed Clifford J. GREAT fun…

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soccer game at Escola das Nações.

A few action shots from our game against School of the Nations. This was an amazing game! We started loosing 1 to zero, but Betuel scored an amazing goal to tie the game. Latter we suffered another goal, but Almaala scored and we were tied 2 to 2 at half-time. On the second half we came back on fire and scored two good goals with Almaala and Omair. We were leading 4 to 2, but in the last minutes School of the Nations rallied back and scored two goals to tie the game. 4 to 4 was the final score. Very exciting game. Way to go Eagles!