Sunday, March 16, 2014

HS team finishes tournament in third place

The High School Soccer Team finished in third place in the soccer tournament this weekend. These guys played very hard against high level teams and did a great job representing BIS and playing together as a team. Coach Batista is proud to have these committed student-athletes on his team. The students who played on this tournament were Adnan*, Wilko*, Andrew*, Roen, Letsie, Kwame*, Frizald, and Gustavo (players with * are the ones who scored goals in the tournament). Some of the highlights were Gustavo with numerous AWESOME saves, and Wilko with an AMAZING goal against EAB (Frizald did a long diagnol pass and Wilko with one touch shot a rocket over the goalies head to score the most impressive goal of the season so far for the Eagles). Great job team! Our next game will be against the French School. Go Eagles! 

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